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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Question For Ya?

I am trying to revamp my blog right now and was curious if any of you know how to change the blog to where you don't really have a background at all...just your pictures?? Does that make sense at all?? Probably not. Well, if any of you know what I am trying to put across here please let me know!:) I want it to look more like a website I guess...any ideas??? Oh as do you change your fonts or add a signiture? Feeling a little but computer illiterate today...:)


bailey michael said...

change your template. are you talking like a background like mine?

TiffanieRoseWhite said...

do you want it to be all white like mine? I know how to get rid of all the extras they put on... You should just give me a call whenever or while you're at work this week and I'll walk you through some easy steps ;) 4)577-7503.

also, I have just figured it out all on my own, if I cannot figure it out I usually google search it and I can find an answer :)