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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Does anyone other then me remember watching that show on Nickelodian?? my household growing up it was forbidden! My sisters and I would sneak to the basement and watch it despite my mothers concerns...I was afraid of EVERYTHING as a child! NO joke! I kind of still am. And little dog has taken after me. Oddly enough though she is deathly afraid of cleaning supplies. I have NO idea where this came from because it's not like I go around chasing her with a mop or something. Since we have had her, if we bring a vacum out to clean, a broom, a mop, ANYTHING to do with cleaning she starts shaking violently and will run to the back yard as fast as she can and hide under a chair. She will literally stay under that chair without moving for HOURS! Yesterday, I had nothing better to do-being that I have no homework and all- and I decided to vacum, mop, do all the deep cleaning that my house has needed since my graduation party-and Lexi vanished for the whole day. This is where I found her...Traumatized. I kind of understand. I too can be traumatized after a days worth of cleaning.


Heather said...

poor thing. Good for you for cleaning your house though.

Jenn and Tyler said...

Such a fluffer!!! I love her cute face! Roxy is traumitized of laundry baskets haha besties! hahahahaha