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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Lunch Lady

Everyday at work I call this number to get my day started off right...been calling her for a loong time now! Don't worry it's just a message line-so CALL IT! Her message machine is changed everyday and she always has some random thing to sing or say...pretty funny actually. Makes me happy at work so I thought I would share.:)


The Story:It all started as a way to cheer up employees worried about impending layoffs at the United States Geological Survey where Sharon Al-Doost was employed in the cafeteria. In 1995, her boss quit and they asked Sharon to record the lunch menu for employees considering dining in the cafeteria. She soon added songs to cheer up the staff, although she admits, "I can't sing my way out of a bucket." Somehow, the phone number was passed around offices from New York to San Francisco and people like Diana Ross, Bruce Willis, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan were calling. Office workers begin calling daily. "Instead of a coffee break, we have a Lunch Lady break," said one. Reminiscent of a sweet kindergarten teacher, Sharon often asks the listeners to participate by clapping or even doing the electric slide. Her fans suggest that her appeal lies in her lack of cynicism and her positive spirit.


Heather said...

She is so random. too funny. Its like listening too a grandma

Anonymous said...

What happened to Lunch Lady? No one answers.