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Monday, April 12, 2010

Recent Crafty Projects

These are a few things I gave the husband for late valentines day! I made him a dream board to put up in his office (Yes I know it's missing the "D" in dream.) I couldn't be bothered with it for the picture. For those of you who don't know what a dream board is, it's a reminder of your end goals. The little envelope on the top I had Jonny write his goals down and put them inside for when he needs a reminder. The top little booklet is actually made out of a deck of cards. It's "52" things I love about Jonny. -I posted a couple of examples of inside the book. To be honest I haven't finished the cover-again though couldn't be bothered! He loved them which was good. Men never seem to appreciate the hard work that goes into a homemade gift!


TiffanieRoseWhite said...

LOVE these ideas. I might semi-copy one or both, ONE day... haha. I have seen and had a dream board in the past but never seen the deck of cards idea. LOVE it! So cute, you are ALWAYS so creative with your ideas!!

karis stapley said...

Super cute! I've not seen the deck of cards idea before & I love it! Those dream boards are fun too! They look great! Good job!

Jenn and Tyler said...

So good!!! So proud of your crafty skills you are my mentor in the ways of scrap booking!! haha Loving it more and more all the time! Love ya girly!