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Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Ok I know! I am little late on this one... I kinda sorta forgot Valentines Day this year. Now before all of you start calling me a bad wife, know that I made up for it! I surprised Jonny with a few homemade gifts I had been working on for a while and took him on a picnic to the park next to our house. Jonny was super sweet on Valentines and had a beautiful flower arrangement and a card all ready to go. We went out of town that weekend so we said we weren't going to do anything for each other this year- we literally had no time to pull something together. I will post pictures of the gifts I made him soon...for now, here are a few pics of the park. It was a perfect day out and we had a lot of fun! We found the cutest baby turtles in the lake!! (forgot to take a pic of that) Either way, Jon was surprised and had a lot of fun.

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Jenn and Tyler said...

I think your strawberries looked delicious!!! And you look so cute in your spring outfit!! I bet Jonny loved every minute of your wonderful picnic surprise! Such a good wifey!!