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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lucky Girl

Every once in a while after many years of marriage my husband tends to surprise me. I came home yesterday to the house being clean, a new fan in the living room, and my man all ready to take me on a mid week date! We bought this gorgeous fan when we first moved in (3 years ago) and got a little overwhelmed with our massive ceiling and the location of the fan. Soooooo long story short, we just never did it! I came home yesterday with this fan up FINALLY in my house! Now we still need to put up three more fans that are sitting in storage...haha ridiculous I know! Then he took me to Native New Yorker with their delish 30 cent wings followed by the movie Date Night. Date Night was super funny by the way- go see it!I feel like a pretty lucky girl right about now! OH P.S. I graduate in less then three weeks!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

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