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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Excited

Recently I have been thinking about what I should do once I finish my bachelors degree (6 weeks away btw!!!!) I have had a hard time deciding which directions to go. My options I was choosing from were this basically:

-Do a year of certifications and student teaching and such to become an elementry school teacher
-Begin my Masters in Community Counseling- this would be a three year program with LOTS of stress and a seven week interview process JUST to be in the program!!!
-Do nothing...NO SCHOOL ever again and just be done with it! (this one sounde enticing)
-Start the process of being a Child Life Specialist

After lots and lots of thought I have decided to be a child life specialist!! This website explains a little more about this position:

"Child life specialists are experts in child development, who promote effective coping through play, preparation, education, and self-expression activities. They provide emotional support for families, and encourage optimum development of children facing a broad range of challenging experiences, particularly those related to healthcare and hospitalization."

Basically I would be working at a childrens hospital full time helping the kids before and after their surgery. You play with them, do activities, and give them toys to help them cope with the experience of being in a hospital. I would be helping them with the emotional aspect of things. My sister (who is ALMOST a nurse now!!) got to do this positions for a day and LOVED it! She said it was extremley rewarding. It's going to be a while before I can do this though...:(

I have to have a Bachelors in Psychology, 480 hours at an internship at the hospital, and pass a big examination to be eligable for the job. The hard part is becoming an intern though. Only 2 interns get picked per semester!!! And lots of people apply!! I spoke with a lady at the hospital yesterday and she gave me some good advice to get me started. I have to send in my degree to get evaluated, and start volunteering at the hospital before even applying to be an intern. It will be a little while...but this is my next goal in mind. I am really excited about it!!!! If anyone has any good advice or knows about this position I would love to hear!!


karis stapley said...

How exciting! Congrats! that's sounds like a really great job & def. sounds rewarding as well. :)
Best of luck with all the requirements!

Heather said...

congrats on picking something. Always figuring out what to do next is hard. hope all goes well for you.

Suni said...

You would be so good at that! Sounds like a lot of work but you can do it!!!!

Jenn and Tyler said...

You are going to be amazing my love!!! So happy for you and I hope we can volunteer together!! So proud of you!!

Tyler and Karisa said...

It sounds so rewarding! I love it when you find a career path that just fits you... good luck and I hope you are able to work through it all despite any challenges that may arise! :)

Basarabas said...

Oh my gosh that would be perfect for you! You would be great!