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Monday, March 15, 2010


Thanks to Jenn for taking this picture of me on tv! My team at work and I volunteered for channel 8 last week! We were the ones taking contributions over the phone! It was actually really fun! At least I got my five minuites of fame! I will post more pics opf my team later...:)


Jenn and Tyler said...

hahahah SO FAMOUS!! It was soo cool to see you on TV! Your so HOT! I was so excited!! Hurray for awesomeness of the Britt Britt! WUV u WONG TIME! hahahaha

Josh &Tiffanie White said...

that's awesome. I was on TV before too... I thought I was pretty dang cool back then. It was for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and I got to meet all the cast. Ah, I loved it even thought my "fame" faded quickly :) haha

karis stapley said...

That's pretty cool! How fun!

VicandJoyce said...
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Tisha and Mark said...

I just like the 1/2 shot of Gerald! ;)