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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girl's Day!!

My poor mom and her new least she can get a laugh out of them!!

We went and saw the movie Leap Year...Girl's just had to get a picture with Alvin and the Chipmunks though

Tawnee bought us shirts to wear on our girl's day out...

At lunch at Apple bees...mmmmm

picking colors for Manicures!

A cute puppy we saw at the nail salon!

The finished product!!

Sorry guys...I've been slacking on my blogging and face book lately!! I have been SUPER busy with school and have been going out of town almost every weekend!!! So I am going back and will work my way up to try to get caught up with my posting! I had a girl's day out not too long ago! My sister Tawnee gave each of us girl's a gift for a day off...she gave us a movie ticket, gift card to applebees for lunch, and a certificate to get pedicures for each of my sisters and my mom (such a sweetie!) We had a BLAST!! I always love a day with my sisters! We honestly have so much fun together!! A few weeks ago they spent the night and we made music videos all night! I would post them except they are pretty humiliating...really funny though! I really do adore my sisters and we always end up having fun when we get together!!