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Monday, February 1, 2010

Stanford University


Last weekend Jonny and I went to Northern California. It was a COMPLETE last minute trip! Jonny was heading up there for business, and decided that instead of dropping him off at the airport, I should come to. He hadn't seen his grandpa in over 13 years!!! He was sick and Jonny wanted me to meet it was our 6 year anniversary this weekend! Jonny grew up in Santa Rosa (right outside of San Fransisco), so it was fun to see his hometown! The first day we ended up going to Standford University to check out the grounds! It was unbelievably huge and gorgeous! Thought I would share some of the pictures!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

Hurray for spontaneous trips and anniversaries!! Looks like you had a blast Britt Britt I like the pic with all the naked men statues hahahaha jk but it is pretty funny! The University is so pretty! I missed you while you were gone work was so lonely!! Glad your home safe! WUVS U!!