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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gearing up for the snow!!:)

My New Gear!!
Cumfy little cabin we stayed in

Playing in the snow!

2nd time ever in the snow "while" it's actually snowing!

The drive up
The drive home in the crazy snow storm!!

I am not a huge fan of the snow (as most of you know since I HATE the cold) but my husband has convinced me to go skiing/snowboarding next month with some friends. He decided to take me shopping to buy all the gear because I honestly owned NOTHING for the snow!! Jonny already owned all the gear he needed so that made things easy. This past weekend we went up to Heber and stayed in a cabin and went sledding to kind of ease me into the whole idea of going snowboarding in a few weeks. Oddly enough I had a lot of fun! I was seriously scared out of my mind to go sledding though which makes me VERY nervous to go snowboarding or skiing (still deciding at this point which one I will do) I finally went for the plunge in the sled and ended up playing all day with the kids! It was a good starter trip...we will proabably go back in a week to go snowboarding to prepare for the big trip to Salt Lake in a few short weeks. The weekend was fun filled with playing in the snow and playing wii and lots of card games! We have officially decided we need to purchase the wii gaming was SO much fun!! Anywho...wish me luck! I am more afraid to go snowboarding I think then jump out of a plane!! On the drive home we got to drive in a big blizzard on the drive home which was quit the adventure in and of itself. I have been slacking on the blog but will try to post some of our other new adventures soon...:)


azHarline said...

I feel the same way you do about the cold and I'm going to Utah in a couple of days. Don't worry too much, snowboarding is actually really fun(i've only been once, haha).

Jenn and Tyler said...

Your gonna have a blast Britt Britt!! I wish we were going together! We never seem to get it right though hahaha I will be thinking of you as I cruise the slopes this weekend!! Better take lots of pics with your fabulas camera! Love you long time!!

Suni said...

How fun!! The snow is definitely fun to visit but not live in!