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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

Poor Baby! Finally fell asleep on the bathroom floor!

The New Years "kiss"

Playing games with the fam

This weekend turned out to be a bit of a dud. Our original plans were to go to Las Vegas for New Years so I took Thursday and Friday off work. My husband got in a car accident a week ago which ended up putting a damper on things. Jonny and his friend (driving in his friends brand spankin new 2010 camaro) got hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene after giving her insurance card to the boys (smart lady!) Needless to say they both have had all sorts of aches and pains since then sort of messing up our holiday season! The accident happened a few days before Christmas! Jonny had an infection that kept getting worse and more painful so we finally took him into the emergency room New Years Day at about 11:45 pm. We were there for like 4 hours getting CT's and blood work. Poor guy got put on morphine and then spent the next day throwing up! As I write he is FINALLY asleep.:) It's been a rough few days! In between all the madness we had family in town and lots of parties to attend. Although the first few days of 2010 have sucked, I am hopeful the rest of this year will be a good one! Hope everyone has an AMAZING 2010!!


Heather said...

your new years day sounded like my christmas eve. Sorry he is sick

Jenn and Tyler said...

My love! I just realized I hadn't posted on this post! Unheard of!! hahaha I must post on ALL posts! haha so sorry your new years was crappy! Poor Jonny! I am glad he is doing better though. We need to plan another rockband night!! You look so beautiful in your pics by the way! I have the hottest best friend ever!