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Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Ride

I got this suv a few months back now and forgot to post a picture of this beauty!! I have wanted an suv forever!!! I had to take back my Altima because the lease was up on it. I am so excited to not have to worry about miles anymore or anything like that!!! DON'T lease a can be so frustrating!!! It can be good for tax write offs though when you own your own business but not worth the pain. We got this 2009 Exterra for SUCH a good deal and I LOVE IT! I feel like we finally have a family car...I am too lazy to take a picture of it so here is one from my phone I took a while back. My hubby and his friend Randy went in together and got a fishing boat so that's what is on top of the car...Not the best shot...but you get the idea!!! So happy about this purchase!!! We are getting rid of the Infinity soon too. In replacement we will be searching for a runner car. If anyone knows of one let me know!!! We are a little tired of the $650 a month payment! Jonny and I are in the mode to simplify!! Simple = No Stress!!! At least I hope!!!


Heather said...

how fun I had no idea. I loved driving my SUV around but kind of glad I have my little car back.
Way to go Britt!

AZ Finters said...

I wish I could go back to my smaller SUV. Looks fun.