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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My LAST day

After the most wonderful day ever I had to head home...:( I was excited to get home to catch up on things and get back into a normal routine...bad sad I was leaving Hawaii...After a little random shopping I headed home.:( I got home around midnight and stayed up to unpack and do laundry...the next day I took off work to recoup and watch all my shows I missed (still need to watch conference!) Now I am home and back into school already!!! I am already excited to plan another trip! Time shares are wonderful! They force you to travel no matter what your circumstances worth it! So sad I have forever away now till the next big vaca...


Cori said...

I think that this trip is highly inapproprate and you should not spend money on crap like this!!! ha ha okay totally kidding - i am very excited that you got to go - i want to hear more about your trip and then tell you how bad you suck!!! fly home safely!!! xoxo

Suni said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time!! You are so brave to skydive, I just don't think i could do it!! Great pictures too!!