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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Signing my Life Away

All Geared up and Ready to Go

The plane with NO door

All of us freakin out on the plane

Taking the plunge!!!

AND the landing! Thank Goodness!!

ADORABLE puppy they found on the side of the road


Sharks Cove

Weimea Bea (Not sure how the heck to Spell it!)

Got super sandy (Totally napped right on the beach)

Jumping off the rock!

Oahu Temple

Waikiki Beach (Check out the nasty lady in the background tanning in a thong and no top gross!!)

I really must must must do this day all over again!!!! I had a little pit in my stomach all week waiting for this day to arrive and it finally arrived. My cousin Liesel actually lives over in Oahu with her friend Matt who works at the Sky Diving Place! They were able to get us a great discount and also since he is the photographer (who usually charges $150 per person) he took pics of us for free!! He was AMAZING!!! My cousin and him are so talented and jump all the time on their own...SO JEALOUS! The first thing we did is sign our life away...FOR REAL! You can see in the picture I posted. It said I could be injured an possibly DIE! I asked my cousin if anyone has ever been hurt and she said no. After I jumped I asked her again and I guess one of the trainers had died a few weeks back and also 3 people broke their legs (good thing she waited to tell me AFTER I jumped to tell me.) The flight up in the rigidity plane with no real door was the scariest part of the whole thing. I felt like I was going to pass out pretty much the whole LONG ride up to 15,000 ft! At least it felt long! The guy that went with me kept joking around with me by pretending to push me through the open spot in the plane (NOT FUNNY)!! I was the first tandem jumper out the door and the guy did a gainer to jump out of the plane. I was so scared that I couldn't tell which way was up or down! The ground looked blue (being over the ocean) and the sky was blue- a tad bit confusing! The whole feel of just falling straight down and seeing the ground come towards you 150 miles an hour was an amazing feeling! The wind on your whole body was a cold rush but you have such an adrenaline rush that you can't feel the cold on your body! My husband even went barefoot!! When the parachute opened it was actually kind of scary. It jolted me quite a bit and I felt like I was 500 pounds and could easily fall through the harness! The guy offered to let me steer but I was totally not up for that! He did these side flips in the air and it takes about 6 minutes to get down to the ground after you free fall for a minute! I felt so alive afterwards that i was on a natural high all the rest of that day! I want to do it again SO BAD now's kind of an addicting feeling!

After getting our certificates we went over the Sharks Cove to go snorkeling...we saw 2 eals, a turtle, and a big colorful fish...but no sharks! Then we went swimming at Weiamea Bea and jumped off another big rock cliff! The whole day was so much fun!!! I absolutley LOVED it! We also took a scenic drive back to the other side of the Island and made a quick stop at the temple! Overall a wonderful day!!!

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