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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 8- Are you tired of this yet??

I am! Swear I'm almost done! All this posting makes me tired...although I wanted to get this done so I can print it off and make a book of all of our activities! Day 8 was spent taking naps and reading next to the beach. We were pretty burnt out- we went to the airport and flew over to Oahu for our next few adventures. We got to Waikiki Beach area which is where our resort relaxed then went out on the main strip to look for some pizza. We found a yummy pizza place- totally overate- then went back to get some rest for a big day we had a head of us. What we didn't realize is that we didn't tell them TWO king size I ended up sleep in a big bed with Randy and Kara for two nights...while poor Jonny slept all by him self in a teeny roll up bed which was smaller then a twin size bed! Since the rest of our trip we were in our own separate rooms I got enough sleep to not be too bothered by it! That pretty much concludes day 8!

1 comment:

Jenn and Tyler said...

hahahahahah I wish I was squished in the bed with you!! Love the pics!! Your so cute posing on the wall your hair is (sthuper) cute too!!