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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Day 7 began with a text from my good friend Jenn that said "are you okay? what's going on with that Tsunami warning?" I looked outside at the perfect weather and was totally confused so I decided to look it up online. Sure enough 13 hours earlier a Tsunami warning was set for Hawaii because of an earthquake that hit an 8.0 on the scale way far away!!! The articles said though that the warning was taken back right away for some reason. They said that all the hotels knew about this warning and were planning and preparing for the worst. I never got a call from anyone though so I was confused. Either way I went about my day as usual begining with laying out on the beach with Kara. We were having a lovley time until all the sudden a really large horn went off (the Tsunami warning!!!) I was just waiting to see a large wave coming right at us...but no one was really doing anything! The lady next to me asked "what is this?" and I was freaked out so I said "you should probably go because that's a Tsunami warning!) So Kara and I grab our stuff and start heading towards the boys in quite a panic! Jonny called me on my cell all worried about us and said he was calling the front office and to hurry over to the boys. LUCKILY they said at the first of every month they do a test of a Tsunami warning!! It would have been nice to let us know considering there was a REAL warning a few hours before that!! Needless to say I pretty much had a heart attack! After that laugh we decided to go boogie boarding and "Skim boarding" I guess they call it. We went back to Black Rock to snorkel and play with the turtles- throughout the day the horn went off twice! NOT cool! Now that I'm safe and sound back home working and doing homework again I can laugh at it! After that we did a little photo shoot on the beach with the boys. They grumbled about it the whole day until we actually starting shooting the pictures. Mu husband got all into it...trying to choose some really cheesy poses. I couldn't complain though...all I could do was laugh about it and do the cheesy poses. It was too funny to me that he wanted to choose the excuse the cheesiness...haha!!! Then we finished off the day with ice cream and steak...mmmmm!!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

Britt!! The pics are way cute! I love them even if you think they are cheesy haha! And so proud you spelled my name right! haha Love you so glad your home safe and sound!!