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Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 6

The Pool at pretty!!!

Hangin out at the resort

Cirque Polynesian

I am home now which I am actually kind of happy about! Vacation is always fun but I was ready to come home and catch up on all my TV shows I missed (including conference) I will just go back to day 6 though. Well day 6 was very relaxing! Jonny and I took FOREVER to get out of bed...we chilled out in the room for a while before heading out to the pool to lay out. After that we went snorkeling and boogie boarding at another beach. We saw turtles pretty much everyday we were out in the water which was awesome! After playing some football in the pool we had Virgin strawberry Daiquiris and hung out in the jacuzzi. That night we went to a show called the Cirque Polynesian. It's basically the cirque Des sole of Hawaii. It was pretty cool actually. Saw some amazing stunts and then went back to the resort to make steak tacos (delicious) It was an extremely relaxing day.:)

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