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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 5- Road to Hana (Picture Overload)

The waterfall that Jonny almost fell all the way down!!!!

Hiking through the bamboo forest

K...these pics are not in have to start from the bottom and work your way up..Wow! I'm not sure where to begin with this day because it was quite an eventful day. Last time we did the Road to Hana it was a LONG drawn out day, but since they redid the roads it was a much better drive. The road itself is pretty scary to drive but absolutely beautiful!!!! There were so many places to stop at that there was no way we could have gotten everything done in one day! The first stop we decided to go to was a hike through a bamboo jungle and some rock climbing to get to a bunch of cool waterfalls!!! The first highlight of my day I will not be posting a picture of since it will scare all of you for life. Let's just say I have an image in my mind though that will never go away! Kara, Randy, Jonny, and I decided to swim into the was so much fun! An old man came walking up to join our little party when he decided to take off ALL HIS CLOTHES!!! I am the one who saw it first and I reacted with a huge gasp (that he totally heard by the way) Kara thought there was a bug on her then we all got to see him jump into the water and CLIMB the waterfall!!! He decided to sit SPREAD EAGLE!!I was trying hard not to look, but we all got up and decided it was time to go...My husband and Randy both said he was staring at Kara and I and touching his junk...ya...pretty nasty!! That was just the beginning of a crazy day! I have honestly NEVER seen a streaker before...kinda strange.

Part two of our crazy day was actually as we were running away from the naked man we decided to get a picture at the very top of another waterfall we found...Kara went out on the ledge to take a picture and then Jonny and I followed. Jonny being careless on his footing slipped and fell. I can't explain how many horrible things went threw my mind though as he fell down one ledge to the next and I thought he was honestly going to fall to his death. I freaked out and jumped in right after him. Kara freaked out and ended up falling in the water and dropping her camera (poor girl)!! And Randy just watched because he knew there was nothing he could do at that point. Jonny luckily stopped after dropping about ten feet on a rock right on his back...I landed right on top of him which hurt him even more then the fall. I got more bruised up then he did actually!!! It was pretty funny after the fact but I was seriously angry with him for scaring me so bad!I had pretty bad anxiety for the rest of the day but minus that we had a lot of fun!

The rest of the day consisted of stopping at beaches and beautiful places to hang out. We went to the Seven Sacred Pools which is absolutely beautiful!!! We stopped before then at another waterfall that we got to swim in and had a blast!! The whole day was full of beautiful scenery and good food! We went home to marinated steak and potatoes that we grilled up and enjoyed some much needed time at the jacuzzi. It was a long day but probably the funnest day thus far!!!


Kara said...

That was the most fun day ever, and I wish we could do it again before we leave!

Jenn and Tyler said...

hahaha WOW Britt! Crazyness!! I can't believe you almost died on the waterfall! haha ok not really but so scary I am so glad you are all ok. :) As for the Naked man hahaha I was dying when I read the story that is so nasty and disturbing who does that?? It sounds like you all are having a blast though I am so excited to go! Every story I read makes me more and more excited! I love you and missing you tonz! Can't wait till your home to tell me about everything! Loves!