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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Cold Stone...mmmmm

Chillaxin in the Jacuzzi at Sunset

BoogeyBoarding and Laying out

Playing Football in the pool

Cliff Jumping and snorkeling at Black Rock

One of the best days we have had so far!! We were able to spend most of our day snorkeling at Black Rock. Black Rock is about a ten minute walk from the resort. The walk on the beach is beautiful and then when you arrive people are jumping off about a 25 ft cliff. We snorkeled around that area and found tons of awesome colorful fish and three huge turtles!!!! I wish I would have had my underwater camera but of course I didn't.:( But all four of us were able to pet and play with these huge turtles. Jonny and Randy jumped off the Kara and I want to go back again and do that looked to scary for us at first. People were doing back flips off this thing!!! It was so beautiful to see all the wildlife under the water. Then the boys did some boogie boarding off the resort while Kara and I watched the sun go down. We hung out in the pool and the Jacuzzi and went out to dinner and a movie that night. We saw the movie Surrogates which was pretty dang good and got ice cream and hung out on front street (the only happening place on the Island) I LOVED snorkeling at Black Rock and may have to go back before we leave.:) We have been to this area in Hawaii now three times and the snorkeling there was better than Molokini which we usually go too. Another Day in Hawaii come and gone.:(


AZ Finters said...

Are you in Ka'anapali? I dont know where black rock is. We snorkled by our hotel there. I loved Molokini but isnt it a bit freaky swimming to and from the boat in the deep open water???eee!

Kara said...

Gotta plan for 2 weeks next time! :)