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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spirit Week!!!

Yes I know...we are still twelve years old at work!! But it's so much fun! I forgot to post our awesome spirit week pics!! The only ones I really participated in were wacky hair day and 80's day (as you can see) It was actually a lot of fun! Ended up getting a prize for third place...not bad considering I went to work in hot pink spandex! Enjoy...:)


Heather said...

your 80's outfit is pretty ugly. Please tell me you didn't wear that anywhere else after work.

Rob Hartwig said...
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Kara said...

You look SOOOO cute! How did you put together such an ADORABLE 80's outfit??? You should have won first place, how did they only give you 3rd??? SO CUTE!!

Kara said...

Oh yeah and it was so funny when we went tanning after work and all those people were out in front and wouldnt leave you alone about your outfit telling you how cute you looked and they wished that their work did 80's day so they could dress up all cute like that!!