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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learning How to Cook

I am LOVING all the new blogs I am finding!! There are so many fun recipes to try...These are a few that are on my list in the next week or so...Oatmeal Scotties, Meatball Skewers, and a yummy looking Zucchini Pineapple cake. I can't help myself!! I am going to gaining weight in the next few months with all this food so Watch Out!!!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Brittany is finally attempting to cook! I am down to one class at a time right now and even taking a three week break from Class soon for Hawaii. So in the meantime I am trying all sorts of fun new recipes. I am learning that I am horrible at Baking though! I tried to make cookies the other night and they turned out awful! To embarrassing to give out to anyone at least! I found out though that the problem with my baking is that I have been using the flour from the cannery. After failed attempts at cookies, lemon bars, and more I found out that the cannery flour is not All-Purpose flour! Wow!! Shows you how much I know about cooking! My husband was nice enough to pretend he likes my cookies! Good man! So if anyone knows of some fun recipes please let me know! A few things I have made in the past two weeks are Hawaiian Haystacks, homemade lasagna, chicken shish kabobs, stuffed baked potatoes, chicken tacos, and a spinach chicken pasta dish! They all turned out fabulous! I even took a few pics of some of them...Let me know if you want recipes!!


azHarline said...

It all looks so yummy!

Suni said...

Yummy, I love looking at food blogs!! I bet you are on the countdown for your trip to Hawaii, how fun!!

Photos By: Heather Gordon said...

I am impressed. It's about time you started learning how. JK. Do you still eat at 10pm?

Kara said...

i didnt get a chance to try those oatmeal cookies, You will have to make some more! :)