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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 Day Juice Fast

I started a 7 day juice fast today that I think will only last for about 3 days at this rate...Have any of you ever done a juice fast? IT"S AWFUL!! My mom tried to get pregnant for 3 years when I finally came along. She said that she did a 7 day juice fast and found out about 5 weeks later she was pregnant. mom called me last week wanting me to try it. It's a lot of work though to get fresh fruits and veggies everyday, juice them, and clean the juicer like three times a day when I'm working full time. My mom said she will do all the work if I just drink them. The hard part is eating absolutley NO FOOD! I'm SO HUNGRY right now! I started today and it's NASTY! My mom only had the ingredients for a spinach drink...mmmm. But...I will do my best to stick to it. I tried this a few years back and only got to day 3 before I felt like passing out. We will see how long this one lasts...I am just hoping it will clean my system of all the toxic drugs I took to try to get pregnant...Well, if anyone has any yummy recipes for veggie drinks I would appreciate them. Bottoms Up!


Kara said...

Sorry I dont have any recipes for you. But hey, see if you can do it at least 4 days this time. Then, it will be an accomplishment. You did it 1 more day than last time! You can do it!!

Tyler and Karisa said...

I did this before too. I have to say day 1 was definitely the hardest. I only did a 3 day juice fast though, so I don't know about the full 7 days. It's worth a shot though. :) Cucumber-Watermelon is good and so is apple in anything and carrot in almost anything. Just a handful of greens and you hardly notice 'em. ;) What kinda' juicer are you guys using? Good luck!

~Hartwig Family~ said...

Good luck Brittany! How are you doing today? I sure hope it helps flush everything out for you. My mom was big on juicing too. Come to think of it I have her juicer but it isn't used as much as it should be.. Maybe you just propelled me to start! lol

Stay strong you can do it!

Suni said...

You can do it!!! I have a juicer but haven't used it in awhile!! I love carrot apple that is my favorite!! Maybe go to the Naked juice website and look at all the different kinds they have and then try making those!! Good luck!!!