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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OuR aDvEnTuRe To tHe DoG pArK

I love my doggies so much!They are honestly the sweetest things ever!! If I am having a bad day and my hubby isn't around I know I can turn to them to make me happy. Well, My husband travels a lot for business and he left yesterday and won't be back for another few I decided to take my dogs to the dog park close by. It was quit an adventure...I couldn't get any good pictures of them because they were so excited that they were just running wild EVERYWHERE! This dog park is really nice and only like a mile from my house so it works out. I started them out in the fenced "timid" dogs section where I could take them off their leashes. Sophie was so scared though she ended up just barking like crazy! There was the cutest 3 legged Dalmatian that they become fast friends cute! I am definitely going to be going back more often. If anyone is interested in coming along with...let me know!

UPDATE: On another is Day 2 of my juice fast..I actually feel fantastic today! I have a small headache but that's pretty much it. I ended up loosing 2 pounds for the day...which is fabulous since I will be living in a swimsuit next week! I lost 12 pounds in one month with my fertility stuff and recently gained 5 that's always a plus with a juice fast! My face also cleared up a bit over night...not a bad side effect! At this rate I would hope I could make the & days...but we will see. I don't have the best self control when it comes to food!


Kara said...

way to go britt! i cant imagine how hard that kind of a diet would be. id love to try it sometime though, sounds interesting!

Suni said...

You can do it!! Keep us posted!!

azHarline said...

I want to go to the dog park with my dogs. Props to you for doing the juice fast. And good luck with it. Are you going to go to girls night on Saturday?

Jenn and Tyler said...

Love it!! I want to go next time! We must plan IMMEDIATELY! LOVE YOU! I love that your sitting right next to me whilst I write this. hahahahahha

Talbert Family said...

Your dogs are soooo cute!!! Makes me want one.