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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Broccoli Salad

So easy -all I did was chop up the broccoli, add chopped up grapes, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and added mayo, honey, and some roasted chipotle sauce (SOO Good...and healthy!)

Butterscotch Otties
(Again so easy and yummy)

Meatball Skewers
(Even Easier!!) Just add BBQ Sauce and some apricot Jam together and put it on your meatball skewers and of course grill them so they are toasty on the outside.

The Hubby's Idea of a Healthy Dinner

One of the nights I was just too tired to cook so my husband decided to cook for me. He is actually a dang good cook but this made me laugh. I guess he used to make this all the time on his mission because he had no money and food was expensive in England. Here is his idea of spegghetti (consisting of cheese toast in the oven with speggettios on top) It was actually really tasty...So the next day I made this to show him REAL spegghetti!! yummy!

My Idea

Day three of my fast and I am feeling GREAT! Honestly!!!!Okay there was a little time today I felt like passing out...but I got to my juice and was all better. I have not had one bite of food for three days! I am enjoying the juices much more! For those of you who ever want to try a juice fast...Organic Apple Juice is the way to go! I drink that along with Carrot Juice made daily from Fresh and Easy, and a homemade green drink, and of course lots of water! It's been kind of nice not having to cook as well...more time for me! Especially since I am out of school for the next few weeks! I have managed to organize the pantry, started to organize the fridge, do all the laundry, and pack for Hawaii...a week early (I know) just a little excited if you can't tell! I already have a planned out Itinerary of all the activities I want to do! Once I get off the fast I am going to try to stick with just juices past 4:00 to maintain the cleanse. So now I am looking for fun HEALTHY recipes. I can't stop thinking about food right now...funny how that happens when you can't eat any of it...:( Almost half way there though.


Tyler and Karisa said...

Keep it up! You're going great! I just bought a ton of veggies on clearance (don't ask me how... ha ha) at the Farmer's Market to juice! I haven't had some fresh juice in forever and you've been making me crave some! I am excited that you are getting great results. It's hard, but mind-over-matter. Push though and you'll feel so much better and so much more accomplished! Woo-hoo! You go girl! Love ya!

Heather said...

All those foods look great. You two are pretty good cooks. Brett and I rarely ever cook so that's really good for the two of you!
Keep up the juice diet you can do it!

Jessica Padilla Muro said...

that food looks so good! it made me hungry just looking at it lol =)

Kara said...

I cant believe you are still on the diet! Im so proud of you! I mean, the reason I cant believe it is cause it sounds SO freakin hard! Haha good job Britt!

Jenn and Tyler said...

The meatballs were amazing!! My favorite! Your such an amazing cook Britt!!! So impressed! Love you!

Jason & Amanda Chapman said...
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~Hartwig Family~ said...

Way to go Brittany! Five more days till vacation.. Have fun for us!