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Monday, August 17, 2009

38 DAYS!!!!

Temple in Oahu

Oahu Scenery

Catching massive fish in Maui

Wikkiki Beach in Oahu

Once again...Oahu

Totally can't remember...I think this was Maui...GORGEOUS!

38 Days till Hawaii!!! I am so stinkin excited!! Seriously! It consumes all my thoughts right now to think I will be on that beautiful beach in just over a month! How am I supposed to focus though...REALLY? We are going with some of our best friends which I am really excited about! I am also a nervous wreck because we will be going SKYDIVING!!!Yep...I said it, skydiving! My husband has already been and I have always wanted to jump out of a plane! Our trip starts on the 25th of September and ends a week and half later on the 5th of October...we will be staying at a resort in Maui and a few days in Oahu. This will be our third time so I added a few pics to get me in the mood for our trip! Untill then I will be focusing on getting a tan. My white skin pretty much glares in the sun...hahaha.


Suni said...

Oh my heck you are always on the go!! I am so excited for you, how fun!! I love the tan you can only get in Hawaii!!

AZ Finters said...

I am jealous! We were supposed to be in Oahu last week, but we just got busy with landscaping our backyard and didnt have time and started to run out of money, so...
I love Maui but I heard Oahu is more fun. Cant wait to see your pics after you come back!
Oh, who is gonna sub for nursery? jk. I just thought it was funny that you guys have had such a terrible time with having no one show up.

Kara said...

I CANT WAIT!!!!! Its gonna be the greatest time ever

azHarline said...

I want to go to Hawaii!! And SKYDIVING. I have always wanted to do that, let me know how it is. We could get together on a Saturday to sew. Maybe when you hubby is out of town, cause my hubby works every saturday and I normally have them off. Just let me know.