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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am SOOOO excited because this week is my last week of class for a whole month and a half!!! Jonny and I decided that I need to be stress free while we try the artificial insemination for the last time. I am so excited that I don't know what I am going to do with myself!!! I am wanting to read the rest of the Harry Potter book I never finished since it's coming out that's one thing on my list! I'm sure I will still be busy...but I keep thinking of all sorts of fun things I can do! I have been swimming a lot latley so anyone is welcome to come join me!

Right now my day looks like this:

Work 9-6

Now it will look more like this:

Work 9-6
Read Harry Potter
Bath Time
Hang out with my Dogs
Exercise ...yay for hot bod!!!
Cook...or at least try!! Anyone have any good recipe's???

The good news is that WITH my scheduled break I should be graduating Feb 1st of next year!!!! AMAZING! I feel like I have been in school forever! This week will be complete hell with all the assignments I have due but it will all be worth it in the long run!!! Yay for breaks!!! And Yay for summer!!!


Kara said...

Hooray for breaks!!

Basarabas said...

I bet you are so excited! I'm gonna have to take you up on that pool offer!

Cori said...

we want to come and play too!!!

Heather said...

sweet. you do deserve a break.
We want to play as well .

karis stapley said...

Congrats & Good luck with the finals! That's so awesome that you'll be finished with school by the time your babies come! Very nice! I'm half way done, but it'll be a few years before the rest is completed.
Enjoy your relaxation time! :) So nice!!