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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hmmm Confused!!!

I thought for sure since class ended about a week ago I would be having so much time I don't know what to do with...well I was wrong. I have been busier than ever!!!! Today has been full of family and cooking in the kitchen. Jon's Grandma passed away yesterday and we have lots of family in town. Lylas was an amazing woman. She actually even got to stay with us in our home for a while. I loved having her sweet spirit around and am sad she is not with us any longer. She was a smart lady and was a great example to me. She was very loved by all her family.

I also found out AFTER quitting school for the month that I can't do artificial insemination this month....soooo I am joining back in school again probably next week.:( SAD DAY! At the same time I want to get done fast. I am talking REALLY fast! So I should be updating with recent pics and stuff soon!! I am so sorry to everyone who has been wanting to hang out these past few weeks...things have been NUTS and should hopefully calm down soon.:)


Suni said...

So true, its crazy how we think we have time and then it always get filled up with something!! Hang in there Brittany, I have been thinking about you!

Heather said...

sorry you are so busy :(

Basarabas said...

I admire you for being so dedicated to school. That is great. Hang in there. It's going to be so worth it when you're done!

Jenn and Tyler said...