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Thursday, June 20, 2013


We haven't been camping really since before I was pregnant so I was kind of dying to go. Plus we thought it would be fun to try out the new jeep. Our friends were going so we joined in with them last minute. This was just last weekend. We had like a day to plan...It was lots of fun, but I think with a baby I may want to rent a trailer next time. haha! Glamping rather than camping might be better with a one year old. And NO I don't mind him rolling around in the dirt every once in a while, but when you know there are no showers for at least three days I attempted as hard as I could to keep him away from the dirt. He got daily "wipe baths." He actually slept great the first night, the second night was a little colder so once he slept in bed with us he was fine...Jonny and I didn't sleep much either night...haha. Minus the mean people who owned the camp grounds and decided to "check in on us" every 15 minutes to make sure we were following the rules it was really fun. We got yelled at a few times by these mean old folk for stupid things. BUT we ate lots of yummy food, we got to take out our little fishing boat on the lake to fish, shoot guns and played with bow and arrows, and of course got EXTREMELY dirty. Deklan LOVED the outdoors! Plus he loves playing with all the kids. :) Guess we need to make him a play mate one of these days. :)

Our set up wasn't too bad. This blow up mattress is THE BOMB and never really got low on air! Our old one we would wake up on the floor...haha

One of the kiddos did get lost a few hours. Kinda freaked ALL of us out a bit. He somehow hiked a few miles up to the visitors center who had to drive him around to find our camp site. Mean while we were all on the search for him trying to keep cal. He was safe but shaken up a bit..poor kid!

Jonny got us this awesome ten person tent so Deklan would have his own room. Best investment ever. Plus it  had awesome HUGE windows giving us a nice 360 degree view of the forest that we could close up at night.     Made the camping experience that much more fun. Although no forest fires were allowed this time because of how dry it was...bummer. 

Mean boys shooting birds.
Four of the cutest little dogs up there with us. Deklan was in pure heaven. 

Best chili ever. Thanks Mindi :)