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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

I can't believe D's first birthday has come and gone. I swear he knew he was supposed to grow up the day he turned one. ON his birthday he started waving and saying HI to people. He is a crazy sweet little boy into EVERYTHING. I did a Dr. Suess themed party- my hubby says I went overboard...maybe I did but it was fun to every mom goes a little overboard I think on their FIRST child's FIRST birthday. Here are some of the details :)

My favorite part was the fun sign in book. It's a Dr. Suess Book called "Happy Birthday to You" I ordered it on amazon and had everyone sign it so he could keep it for life. No one likes to collect a thousand cards so instead every year I will have people sign a book for him to keep.

I had a friend make the cake- she did SUCH an amazing job!!!

The sweets table- 

We had a bbq/swim party in our back yard. The pool was still pretty darn cold but by the end we had lots of kids swimming :)

 Half of the stuff I made I never got the time to put up- Oh well.

The koolaid was a huge hit with the kiddos...and maybe the adults too :)

I couldn't believe all the amazing gifts he got- he LOVES them so thank you to everyone who came and the sweet presents :)

and of course the cake :)

And his cute friends who came to the party. 

 These were taken BEFORE the party :)

Thank you to everyone who made his day special. I STILL can't believe we have this precious little miracle of ours and that he is getting so big!!! You have changed our lives forever Deklan! We love every little thing about you baby boy!!!


LC said...

Absolutely LOVE all the pictures! What a blessing! Happy Birthday Deklan!

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

So many fun pictures and I don't think it was overboard! I've seen much worse!

Maria said...

happy first birthday to your sweet and beautiful little man! his party was AWESOME! you did such a fabulous job!
and wow, he has some pretty adorable friends!
i hope you have a sweet weekend! xoxox