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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still Zero Years Old.

Oh hey guys. My name is Deklan and I'm 11 months old. My mom takes a full on photo shoot of me like once every two weeks. Ya- she thinks I'm pretty handsome I guess. I spend my days crawling as fast as I can, usually towards my mom- hang on her legs and follow her around. I like food a lot! I am forced into giving kisses to mom and dad all day. I'm really good at the open mouth ones. I walk around on all furniture and get into just about everything. Walking is still too scary for me without the help of my mom and dad. I talk a lot. I enjoy days at the park and being outside a lot. I also like to hang with my friends. I love to play ball with my dad and HATE bubbles! My cousin Luke is a HOOT! We have so much fun together. I live a very busy life and am constantly on the go. Oh, my favorite song BY FAR is the hotdog song (from the Mickey Mouse Club) Oh- and my mom is throwing me a big bash for my first birthday so if you would like an invite let mom know. k? Thanks guys!

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Tisha and Mark said...

#1- can't wait to see what you plan for his one year!
#2- I love your entry way! I Want to see more of your house!
#3- checked out Amazon for a hat! Getting King one! Thanks!