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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Week In Salt Lake City

I feel like I have been posting trip after trip lately  Truth is...that has been my life the past few months. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE to travel! Honestly I do, BUT (and there is a BIG BUT in there) I am exhausted. I am REALLY happy to be home. In my house. And getting onto a normal schedule again. My plan is stay home for at least a month. Whew. It's a bit much with a very active almost one year old. A few highlights of our long week in Salt Lake. I say long because I didn't get much sleep :)

The whole reasoning we went SO early to a work trip was that Jonny surprised me with tickets to general conference. I have NEVER been and always wanted to experience it! I was SO excited to get to hear the prophet speak in person! When we got there though we realized that Deklan wasn't allowed in. Makes total sense so I'm not sure why we didn't plan accordingly. Either way we realized the night before. We were lucky that we have SO many cousins in Utah and they were happy to help! They sent me this picture of Deklan with their massive dog he loved so much! :)

Conference was just as I expected it to be- a surreal experience. The moment the prophet walks in the crowd of 20,000 people all stand up to show respect. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The spirit was so strong, and the words spoken were amazing. 

Here are the Mormon bashers. Holy crazy!!

Deklan decided to be a normal toddler who likes to make a mess every five seconds. No seriously, this scene with the tissues happened numerous times. He also would pull every iteam out of every drawer or suitcase he could get ahold of. STINKER.

I did get to do a few play dates at City Creek mall. My cute cousins were so fun to see!

The Elite Dinner is always fun! We get to dress up and eat a fancy dinner :)

Even the little guy dressed up.

Sorry about the bad quality pictures, they were from my phone.

Note to self for next fancy dinner party- don't eat the black macaroons...I had black teeth the rest of the night. They were yummy!

Deklan CRASHED when we got back to the hotel...CUDDLE time for me! :)

We got to see so many of our friends which is always a good time!

We had over 20 people that traveled all the way from Puerto Rico from our group at the event! This thing is GROWING people! So exciting to see!

Best part of the trip by far- Jonny was gifted a jeep! And when I say gifted I mean he got the title of a brand new jeep! They brought 70 of us on stage for the big reveal! We then got to go backstage and pick all the options! We get to go pick them up in a few months. Until then we get emails notifying us on the steps to build them! Saying we are excited is an understatement. Jonny is living and breathing jeeps right now. Can't stop researching. Driving me a little insane really. haha.


My last play date I got to meet a fellow blogger and friend and her sweet baby girl Brinley! She was a doll and Deklan couldn't take her eyes off her!

A few of my favorite boys

He looks SO big here right???? Hello TODDLER?!!! Where is my baby??

Um- I think it's safe to say Deklan looks like his daddy.

I have to add that it was freakin cold the first few days there- BUT BEAUTIFUL. :) Wouldn't mind going back sometime soon :)



Jacob and Sara said...

OMG. The pic of Deklan standing with Jonny, and he's in all his warm clothes and Jonnys sticking his toungue out at him.....IDENTICAL to my son. SOmetimes I think they are like almost twins. I love cute Deklan!!!!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

What a fun week!! Love all of the pictures!!