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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disneyland Part two...AKA Disneyland without the Rotavirus :)

Yes we went back to Disneyland. Even after the scary crap we went through last time. We were pretty scared of Mickey Mouse this go around- BUT we did decide he was healthy enough to go back. We bought year passes since Jonny travels to California for business pretty often. We are trying to make the best of his busy travel schedule. Why not have a little fun while it's easy enough to take Deklan along right? This time was SO DIFFERENT! It was a blast! Deklan was cracking me up on all the rides. Peter Pan, Pirates of the Carribbean, it's a small world, his face was priceless. 

 His face was in pure awe of everything around him..haha we laughed the whole time. Especially his scared face on the scary parts.
 told ya- wouldn't even look at us if we tried. Too much going on to look at.

 um is it just me or are the Disney princesses super hot now days?? What the?!! My boys are NOT allowed to meet the princesses...haha!!!

Cars Land at California Adventures. Holy crap. It was busy. all. day. long. People were crazy about this place! The "Radiator Springs " ride was SO FUN! Totally worth the wait...maybe not the 2 hour wait some people did...but the 20 minute parent switch wait for sure :)

 The cars go through these fun Canyons.

And a few instagram photos I took too :)

Such a fun trip! Going through these pictures makes me want to go again! Loved it!


Ashley Madsen said...

He is getting SO BIG!!! What the heck Deklan! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

Megan said...

Oh yay!!!! So happy you guys were able to enjoy Disneyland this time :) He is so grown up!