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Friday, March 8, 2013

10 months and climbing

Okay so maybe it's just me, or maybe the five days spent at the hospital- but Deklan looks smaller than his nine month pics. Oh wells. Truth is the doctor says he is perfectly healthy now. :) He is down to 3rd percentile for weight (16 pounds 1 oz) at ten months old. He is a tiny tyke with lots of personality!

While in the hospital (saddest time ever for this) he got 6 NEW TEETH coming in! What the??? He is gonna look freakishly cute with a new grill. 4 on top and two more on bottom. He had a miserable week. 

He is now standing up on his own, walking across furniture, and getting into virtually anything he can get his hands or MOUTH on for that matter. 

This is crazy cheesy face he does all the time. GOOF just like daddy! :)

He JUST started giving kisses TODAY! It kills me. 

We can't get enough of this little flirt. We snuggled him as much as we could this week. We have read so much about this rotavirus and so many people have lost their babies to this. I am just so grateful for my little miracle. We continue to be amazed by every single thing he does. We are super annoying I know...and over post, I honestly can't believe he's ours. Happy ten month son!!!! We love you!!!!


Heather B said...

Oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE!

Maria said...

so glad he is feeling better and you are all home and doing well! love his expressions! :)