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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Finale Party

My sisters and I have been planning this party for weeks now. We all love the Bachelor..who doesn't?!!! My sister sent me a picture from the first week of my mom taking notes of EACH and every girl. We were dying. I thought it was pretty hilarious how into this my mom was- so naturally we planned a Bachelor Finale party. With Deklan getting sick, Sara working, and Kelly in school we had to throw it together that day. Sara made the "Fantasy Sweets" (she makes THE best sugar cookie EVER) Seriously I hate sugar cookies but hers are amazing! We got pizza of course. We might have to go fancier next time. I got the "cocktails" (sparkeling cider), the roses, and the pictures of Sean (DUR) and my mom brought a salad. 

We all dressed up in our fanciest of dresses...aka OLD prom/ Cruise dresses

 Deklan and Luke wore suits- I took at least a thousand pictures of Deklan with the rose. Mainly becase he just stood posing for 5 minutes. No he is not blowing kisses here- he is actually EATING the rose petals...YUM

 And a toast RIGHT when we found out who won. Tears MIGHT have been shed at the proposal by some of us... My mom also came up with a list of trivia questions to quiz us on. Her handy notes came to be of good use!
 I wish I had more pictures of this handsome devil in his suit. He has LOVED this show since he was a newborn (Youtube can attest to this)

Kelly wore my wedding dress- there is no way I could EVER fit into that again...haha
A few of the thousand pictures of Deklan with the rose

And of course- 3 HOURS of tv was watched during all of this. We loved every minute!

I caught this without her looking. Yes she was that into it. hahahaha (sorry for the blurry photos- apparently I still have no clue how to use my camera)

 Jacob and Jonny snuck in for a few moments.

This will now be a tradition. Be ready for many more parties to come!

1 comment:

Maria said...

ohmygosh, i love the awesome party!! and that you wore old prom dresses! how fun! deklan is one handsome little stud muffin in his suit and tie! what a fun night. <3<3