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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I am not gonna lie. Christmas this year was NOT how I expected it to be. I REALLY wanted to make it special since it was our first Christmas as a family of three. However, with moving, getting sick, and the overall busy-ness of the holidays...I was just counting the days till it was over. Ba humbug I know! But seriously in all realness, I am kind of excited for the craziness of it all to be over with, get ready to move, and maybe NEXT year I will get more in the spirit of Christmas. :) We did our usual Christmas Eve with Jonny's family and Christmas morning with mine! I LOVE the holiday traditions BOTH families have so it's gonna be tough deciding what we will do for OUR family later on. As much of a bitter lady I was during Christmas I cannot deny the fact that this little gift under the tree was the best one I could have (Deklan)! I mean seriously- he brings so much happiness into our home! We didn't take any pictures of Deklan unwrapping presents- but it was pretty entertaining. He liked the wrapping paper more than the presents! :) Jonny and I didn't get each other much this year because of the move- he DID get his engine for his car he is building which he was SUPER excited about! Oh and Deklan played baby Jesus in the nativity this year- he was somewhat of a naughty Jesus and didn't want to sit still- but still fun to watch!

Christmas Day we went to see Jonny's cousins who are in town and did our annual white elephant gift exchange- we got the lucky blue monkey that get's passed around every year. We were thrilled!

Christmas morning was spent with my fam. I forgot my camera- but did get a snap shot of Deklan napping with Stella (Sara's new puppy) Sweetest dog ever!

Merry Christmas from the Tashjian's! :)

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