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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Phone Dump

I finally ran out of room on my phone to hold any more video so I HAD to dump my phone- I found a few gems from birth to now that made me smile :)

First off- the hilarious card my sisters brought me the day I gave birth to Deklan (This was of course from his cousin Luke- only 5 months at the time telling Deklan how to "be Borned") hahahaha!!!!

 This was the day Deklan's temperature went way low and scared me to death :( He was super lethargic- but luckily came out of it after a day in the warmer. :)
 His first Dr.'s visit at two weeks old- still under 5 pounds!!!

ALWAYS slept with his hands up in the air- cracked me UP!

 Being Gangstas obviously

 Seeing Grandpa's gravesite the first time

Sorry they aren't in to come are a few videos :)

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