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Sunday, September 2, 2012

You guys...He is 4 MONTHS OLD!

this kid is a crack up as of late- he is smiling and talking all the time! He is MUCH more difficult to take a good picture of- for reals check out some of these outtakes :)

 Always digging his face in something
 CRAZY blue eyes and Intense face from the flash
 His legs are now CONSTANTLY up in the air- he is practically eating his toes- he will if I give them to him :)
 He is SO big now that he is standing and sitting up with help. He has rolled over twice but that's it so far.
 He is eating about 5 ounces every 3-4 hours except at night he sleeps a full 8 hours. He wakes up every morning at about 5:30 am. He still naps throughout the day A LOT- but when he is awake he likes to talking or entertained somehow (swing, jumper- his feet still don't touch but he likes to push the buttons and hear the music, bumbo watching tv- he LOVES so you think you can dance because of the music) He can hold onto links and he loves his elephant toy. Everything else he doesn't seam to amused with yet. 

He is making faces all day! He is a GOOD baby. I am a lucky girl there is no doubt about it. He LOVES his daddy- and still loves being swaddled. 

Oh and he still eats like he did as a newborn- he LOVES to eat the way we were taught to feed him in the niccu. He STILL eats like this- ONLY in this position!

 Look how he has changed!!!!!

Things have been a little hectic as of late, but I am trying to keep up with posting the best way I can. We had some difficult things as a family that we had to deal with that I discussed more on my fertility blog, but we are healing and moving forward. This boy continues to amaze me everyday. I am still SO grateful is mine! I am almost done with a video I put together of his birth- it DOES show moments after he was born (no nudity- don't worry- except the baby of course :) so I am posting it on the other blog JUST in case some of you don't want to see it- it has been exactly ONE year since in vitro. In one year so much has happened for our family and this little guy has made life feel oh so sweet. :)


Ashley Madsen said...

Holy cow!!! A year since all the invitro craziness?? That seems unbelieveable, but it's right!! And I can't believe he is 4 months. So adorable and fun, but seeing how much he has changed totally makes me sad to see how fast my baby will grow and change. I love these boys!!

Tisha and Mark said...

His bow tie is pretty much the cutest thing ever :) It does go SO fast! Kingston is going to nursery in a few short months and then from there, it's all over! Glad you keep the blog updated. :) Miss you!

Ali and Sergio said...

i love him so much oh my goodness!!! i love how much he is changing and getting bigger. It's so fun all the new things you get and are going to continue to experience...all little miracles :) I love you guys and we miss you all so much! Sorry things have been a little tough Brit-I heard. I love you and keep you guys in my prayers!! We should have a phone date or do facetime soon!!!! love ya

Love Jones said...

Happy 4 Months!!! So sweet and he is adorable!!

Tiffany said...

4 months has flown by! I LOVE his little bow tie in the last position!

Jenn said...

I can't believe how big he is! just crazyness! I love his big blue eyes in the first pic! Pretty much the cutest little guy ever. :) We must meet up again soon Deklan needs his Auntie Jenn! loves ya Britt

Jacob and Sara said...

No he is NOT 4 months old! He is getting so big!! My favorite pic is the crazy eyes with the hands like he is so excited for something hahahaha! He makes the best faces of all time. I love him.