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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Hobbies

We have slowly but surely been getting back to normal life "post baby." Jonny and I have both taken up new hobbies. Jonny called me and said "I bought a car." Next thing I knew my garage was filled up completely with a 1969 Chevelle SS in a million pieces. His good friend and business partner is building one- so he wanted one too. Jeremy and him have had a blast working on these cars the past few weeks. 

Deklan looks tiny next to these massive wheels he got! It's got a ways to go, but should be a fun project.

Here is what it looked like when it was put together from the previous owner.

Father/son bonding time in the Az heat :)

Photo: Working in the garage with dad

What our garage looks like now:

The boys hard at work

My new hobby is learning attempting to cook. :) My friend Mindy (Who is an amazing cook!) is motivating me. She invited me to a cooking class to go to each week- where I bought this amazing Bosch and has taught me how to make bread!!!! WHO KNEW I could make bread?! Okay well so far it's more like assisting to make bread but one of these days I will try it on my own :)
Photo: What a nice gift to myself:) Now I need to learn to cook I guess...darn! Anyone know any good recipes?

Photo: Homemade English Muffin and homemade wheat bread! Yumm!:)

Here she is snuggling Deklan- she has babysat for me numerous times and given me a chance to get away every now and again :) She has been SUCH a good friend! Minus me getting super sick this week things are slowly going back to normal. :)
I posted the recent recipes I tried :

Whole Wheat Bread
English Muffin Bread (MY FAV!!!)

And a few from pinterest that were super yummy!

Pool Side Dip
Ham and Cheese Sliders

Now I need to work on finishing Deklan's room one of these days :)

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Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Adorable pictures! I love the one of him in his sunglasses!! and that bread looks amazing!! I want to make bread! as soon as I saw it I thought hmmm I should see if my mom still has that old bread maker! lol! Cute Cute Little boy you have!! Have a lovely week!