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Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Keep Swimmin...Just Keep Swimmin...:)

Yup. We love skinny dippin in this house :) Baby buns KILL me they are so cute!

We have been swimming A LOT as of late! It's hot- and it's nice to have a pool in the backyard! Deklan likes it now that the water is seriously like bath water from being so hot outside! His favorite part is bath time with mom after swimming :) Please excuse me in the swimsuit -I try to only choose the pictures with me somewhat covered up since I am still feeling a bit flabby these days. I am at my pre pregnancy weight- but my pre pregnancy weight wasn't truly ideal with doing in vitro and such- LOTS of drugs makes you feel pretty yucky! My goal is another 10 pounds- I am TRYING to start running again these days. Hopefully it pays off and I can build up some endurance soon! Eventually I will have to post a video of him in the bath- he loves it so much! For now I will leave you with more baby buns! :) Gotta love summer!!


Megan said...

Love the baby buns :) How fun that he loves the water so much. I hope Grayson does too because I love it. You look great, by the way!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

How adorable!!! That pool is awesome!

Amanda baker said...

Ok first of all how r u wearing a bikini! U look amazing for a newborn ok I still can't where mine! Don't stress over loosing more u are beautiful. Enjoy that baby a relax , lol. Miss u girl. He is such a handsome baby. So happy for u and ur family. Your joy has come!

Ali and Sergio said...

Awe that little guy is so cute!! You guys look like you are having fun enjoying your pool! And you are crazy, flabby my southern butt! You are skinny and amazing, one hot mama! Miss u guys!

Cate said...

there really nothing in the world cuter then a tiny babies bum! I just had a little girl and I was holding her up before I stuck her in the shower for me and her bum literally looked like it was 2x2 inches!! haha!

Just found your blog! what a beautiful family you have! :)