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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camping Memorial Day Weekend

We decided last minute to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend with our friends and fam- It was a blast minus the fact we all pretty much went home a day early because of the crazy wind. Andrea and Seth (Some of my best friends from highschool) happened to be camping in the same area Jonny's whole family was going- so we combined camp sites with their fam and loved it! It was SO nice to be away from the heat for a few days! Plus we had lots of fun activities to do- we went fishing on our little boat at the lake, ate food, rode quads, ate food, played horse shoes, ate food...oh ya and made s' mores by the fire...MORE food. Jonny went out and bought a generator- JUST so we could watch movies in our tent...ridiculous...I know. So we got to watch a scary movie on a our tent. I think a generator MAY just make it possible to camp- for JUST the two of us our truck was filled to the TOP with stuff...Jonny brought his new bow and arrow he is so proud of- he claims he will be providing us dinner one of these days with it. Luckily no animals were harmed this trip! I convinced him to be careful because there were 4 tiny dogs roaming loose between all of us. Lexi LOVED being able to roam around in the wilderness (pure bliss) oh AND there were lots of tiny children running around- maybe next time he can provide a meal with his new toy when he doesn't run the risk of harming animals and children. haha! I must say though- being married for 7 years and I think we have finally got most of the camping gear we need to REALLY enjoy our next camping trip.:)


Ali and Sergio said...

We had a blast with you guys!! Even though it was short lived and hard with Audriana, we had fun!! Love all the pics! You guys are awesome!!

AZ Finters said...

Fun! Aaron and Jonny both have bows now. Such guys!