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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jonny and I watched the movie "Up" today. Makes me cry literally every time. I honestly LOVE this movie- partially because I'm obsessed with dogs, I also adore the adventure book, and can relate to Ellie in this movie about the inability to have children. Jonny and I are dorky and watch kids movies (even without having babies in the home) The husband and I decided it's time for our own adventure book. I love in this movie that it's just the two of them their whole lives and they found a way to be happy. YES it's a cartoon- but I think it's do-able. NO I am NOT giving up on having babies- just finding our peace is all. What would be in your adventure book??? What is YOUR "Paradise Falls?"


Cori said...

make sure to tell me how many ballons it taked to get your home off the ground so i have a ruff estament on how many i need to stok up on

Anonymous said...

~*Cute*~... I love the idea of an "Adventure Book"... most I keep is a "gratitude Journal"