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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phantom of the Opera

The husband has been traveling CONSTANTLY with business so he decided to surprise me with a quick trip to Vegas with him two weeks ago. He told me I was just riding along for a business trip- but in all reality he booked us the best seats ever for Phantom of the Opera!!! I had no idea and have never been. It truly was SO GOOD!! Minus the drunken Chinese man behind us trying to sing the songs...had to shoosh him a few times. Gotta love Vegas! He gave me this cute ring box that had a ring from the M&M store- no diamonds dang it!:) After about ten minutes walking on the strip I had to change my shoes. I think my husband was sick of my complaining and went into a random store and bought me these sandals. Sorry about the bad picture quality- these were taken on my cell phone. Wasn't about to lug a massive camera around with me on the strip! We went to dinner the first night at the Hard Rock Cafe (DELISH!)

We stayed at the MGM Grand the first night and the Renaissance the second night- oddly enough we liked the small place WAY better. We had NO idea the Billboard Music Awards were AT the MGM the weekend we were there. It was seriously PACKED! We also hung out a lot at the Venetian (that was were our show was at) pretty!
For dinner after our show we went to the famous Tao Restaurant/Night club. Everyone kept referring us to this tastey asian bistro- so we went NOT knowing it was a crazy nightclub with ALMOST naked ladies all over the place as their "decor" haha. It was so packed we got out of dinner at 2 AM. It was as promised though- really yummy! So if you want dinner AND dancing- go there- that place was crazy!
The pool at the MGM was honestly like a big water park- FUN but packed!
Vegas is not my favorite place in the world but it's fun for a nice weekend out- good entertainment and food.:) We have Disney Land coming up end of next month which I am looking forward too.:) REALLY though I am dreaming of a nice chill vacation somewhere tropical...Hawaii maybe??


Tisha and Mark said...

Vegas and I have a love/hate relationship...there is SO much to do but then there is to much to "see" too :) Glad you had a great time. I can't wait to get back out vacaing once the baby is here :) Hope things are well. You seem to be doing great :) Miss seeing you everyday!

Ali and Sergio said...

Love it Brit!!! Looks like you guys had fun!!! We all need a little trip away together, we'd have a blast! And you and Jon could make fun of Serg & I when we have a little too much!! LOL :) I have been to Tao, is that where you said the "half naked" ladies are??!! Too funny, cause it's crazy in there!!

Heather B said...

Hawaii sounds SO good about now. That trip looks awesome. Your hair looks so cute too. I have never seen Phantom either (except for the movie!)