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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not Gonna Do it!

Not gonna be negative! Yesterday I had a REALLY hard day- we got some news from my doctor that just sent me in a sprial- reminded me of that FIRST time I was told I was infertile. It's the last thing anyone would expect or ever want to hear. I felt broken last night and wrote a post for the blog- vented out details and painful feelings...and then deleted it. I don't have a choice right now but to remain positive amongst the trials- so I am choosing to rise above it and be grateful for what I DO have- be grateful for my body being healthy for the most part. Seeing everything that happened in Japan made me realize how much we truly have to be grateful for.:) Heather B (you know who you are:)- your post on your blog ALSO reminded me of how important is to remember those small things that bring so much joy! So I am grateful...for good friends, an AMAZING husband who puts up with my emotional breakdowns every other day right now, a good job, and having the gospel in my life. Thought it was an appropriate time to "revisit" my 26 things to do when I am 26 list- a reminder of what I need to work on- so here it is in all it's glory.:) This reminded me that I haven't touched this list in a while and need to get started!

1. Read the Book of Mormon - NO where near being done- this was a good reminder to work on this though...haha
2. Go to temple sessions at 3 different temples this year (1 Down -San Diego, 2 to go)
3. Teach Lexi a Trick- tried...and failed
4. Get Pregnant (NOT yet)
5. Start my Masters Degree- DONE!
6. Grow my Hair Out- working progress
7. Learn to Run 5 Miles straight- FAIL
8. Get Myself a Car!!!!!!!! Almost! Got the money this week and should have it in the next 2 weeks!
9. Get a hot bod!!!FAIL
10. Watch ALL of the Harry Potter’s before the New one comes out- have one more to watch I think
11. Read the Last Harry Potter Book- read half of it...haha
12. Bake Double Fudge Homemade Oreo Cookies for Jonny-DONE they were so YUMMY
13. Get our own Place (Any place withOUT other people will do)( CHECK!)
14. Bowl a Turkey (Three strikes in a row)-Yes but it was online bowling-SpongeBob Square pants bowling to be exact)
15. Learn How to Grill something (turn the grill on and off)- It really scares me- Nope
16. Find Jenn a New Husband- HOT MAN (working progress.:)
17. Shoot my New Gun-Not yet
18. Learn to play a song on the piano- any song will do since I have never played before (FAIL)
19. Take a dance class(Nope)
20. Work on starting Personal Progress (long story) Sorta started
21. Finish my 40 Hours volunteering at the children’s hospital Not quite there yet
22. Go to the Grand Canyon (NEVER been!)Not yet
23. Plan a Hike here in AZ- Nope (Anyone want to go?)
24. Make Strawberry Jam -Nope
25. Re read (or listen) to all the conference talks I figure I will wait toill conference to retry this one
26. Bust out my Flute! Haven't played that in YEARS!!! Not yet

See. Told ya-ways to go.:) It does tend to keep my mind on other things then babies though which helps.:) I made a poster at work to help me stay motivated there as well...our team decided to make vision posters and kind of add on there why we are working there

I added all sorts of things on there to motivate my lazy butt! There has been way too much good tv latley to think about doing anything when I get home! Don't judge. So I feel rejuvinated and am ready for a new beginning- let's get this list DONE!:)

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