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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Hermana Allen

We made shirts for Kelly and surprised her when we said goodbye.:)

Saying Goodbye to Bubba

I say "BABY" Hermana Allen because to me she is JUST a baby!!!! Now keep in mind when looking at these photos that it was freakin 4 in the morning when we woke up for this event and were up the night before hanging out as long as we could- no need for editing because it won't do any good with these pictures.:) We waited at the airport with her till the last possible second we could- it took FOREVER to let her go and was extremely emotional for all of us. Kelly will be the first missionary in the fam so it was a new experience for us. I am still foreign to how all of this works. I am posting her blog that I am apparently now in charge of- she started it and took off without giving me the login or password so I haven't had a chance to fix it up yet. Here it is for those of you who know Kelly and would like to follow along. I will be posting weekly letters from her and pictures. I feel so blessed to be able to her all of her cool experiences. Hope all of you are having a good start to the week! I know I am with this amazing weather.:) LOVE the stormy clouds today!

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