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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

This picture was taken a week after New Years Eve with the Nephews! We promised them if they got A's in school that we would treat them with a night of fun at our place! We started by going to the park lighting off a rocket that went 1,000 feet in their air (pictures to come) There were tons of kids out there so excited to see the rocket blast off! The we let them pick their favorite candy, ice cream, soda, popcorn, and pizza! It was quit the night! We hung out in the jacuzzi, played games on our kinnect, and watched the movie "We're Back." I don't know if you guys remember that old Steven Spielberg movie about dinosaurs but it used to be one of my favs! You gotta love spoiling kids!! They get so excited over almost anything! I love it!
mmm divine! I added marshmallow, chocolate kisses, and candy canes with Cadburry's hot chocolate from England! yummmmm-oh and of course made with all Milk! Seriously AMAZING stuff!

New Years Eve this year was low key and spent with family and good friends. As you can see Jonny was pretty excited about the decision to legalize fireworks in Arizona (Seriously he was like a kid in a candy store when we went to buy them!) We had dinner and fireworks with the fam-then went home on that FREEZING night and had hot chocolate, cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. I BARLEY made it to midnight but Jonny and I rang in the new years (just the two of us) on our little balcony. We saw bunches of fireworks from our third story balcony which was kind of exciting!

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