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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

This is a crazy cat that keeps following me around the complex each night. I let her in to have some milk one night because it was stormy outside (bad idea) and now she thinks she is at home. Jonny won't let me name her...or bring her in anymore-BUT what he doesn't know won't hurt him right?!haha!!!
This is usually what the living room looks like on Christmas at my household-the girls covered in presents! Ridiculous!
Sara and her new cute hubby Jake! They are adorable!
We got everyone in my family harkins cups and shirts so they can have free drinks and popcorn all year!:)
Christmas Eve we spent with Jonny's family. Here is Jonny setting up the new labtop all the kids went in to get their dad- he was super excited!
The kids in their cute new pajamas
Telling the Chrsitmas story- it always ends up in tears!haha
My mom and Kelly also joined Jonny's family for Christmas Eve-so funny how our moms are best friends! Seriously- they hang out ALL the time! I know these posts are a little late-but hey! I'm trying to keep up with my freakin masters degree so I do what I can! Tomorrow are my finals for my first class and I already have had an emotional breakdown- It really is WAY harder than I thought! I am just praying that I will make it through! I started doing my observation hours which I LOVE!!!! I help in an elementary school (Quartz Elementary) right down the street with a first grade class and they are stinken adorable! My question is- how come my six year olds in church I teach are so hard??!!!! There are only 9 of them!!!!!! Makes me nervous! I have triplete girls in my class that are a handful but are adorable! I am thinking it's the right calling for me though-good practice right?? Well- hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!! New Years Pics to come!!

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wishing you good luck on your exams