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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday ...OH and some other things too.:)

Our Work Holiday Party

Playing X BOX Kinnect

My HOT Bestie!

oh and my HOT husband blowing out the candles

Seth on the grill

Some of the fam


Jenn Grooming Lexi till 4 in the morning...:)

Jonny's Birthday Morning

These were some of his gifts for being OLD
Here a few late pics from November 30th- the day my husband turned 30 (his golden birthday) I started by staying up thanksgiving night with him for black Friday to go get the x box and xbox kinnect-then he got to wake up to yummy cinnamon rolls, a last minute candy poster, and some appropriate gifts for being OLD (no offense to all of you older than 30) haha! I got him stylish depends for older men, some flash cards for memory, and an old man hat. He wasn't too happy about the depends...:) We had some of our friends, his family, and mine over to our apartment complex for food and swimming since the pool is one actually got into anything but the jacuzzi but that's okay.:) We also have a theater room so we played kinnect for a while and then hung out at our apartment. Jenn stayed over the night before till about 4 in the morning trying to help groom Lexi to get her ready for the party (thanks Jenn!!) I also added a few pics from our work holiday party! All I can say is that I am so grateful for my sweet husband! Even if he is old I still love him! Thanks for all you do babe.:) LOVE YOU!!!!!

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Jenn said...

HAHAHA love it!! That was an epic night for sure!! Kinnect is the bomb!! I had a blast!! Next time don't miss my yodeling event haha! JK love you bestie!!