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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last Time in Florida...

This Time:

The Delaney's

We happened to have been there on a day they were having this huge Nascaar event. Luckily we were there like 4 hours earlier then when it started so we missed all the crowds.

I loved all the old hotels, a lot of them have been in famous movies as well

This statue was HUGE!!!!! It was in honor of what happened with the Holocaust

Merry Christmas guys!!! Today has been a pretty fabulous day full of family and gift and food! My poor husband started throwing up last night and had a somewhat rough Chrristmas...:( Poor guy! I promised him some time to play his new video games today and decided since I have a 2 week break from school I should get up to date on my blogging! When we went on our cruise we also got to spend some time in Florida visiting all the sites so I thought I would post a few pics from that. Funny thing is that we found this old hard drive with TONS of old pictures we had lost from YEARS ago that had pictures from the last time we went to I posted a few of both. The top few pics were from 2005 when we spent a week in Florida at a resort. We went to every theme park and beach you can think of and of course HAD to ride one of those air boats through the everglades to see all the crazy gators in their habbitat! This time around we went and visited the more posh parts of the area. We got to see some INSANE beautiful homes, nice cars, beautiful beaches, and hung out with some of our friends! These were just a few of the highlights!:)

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