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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A Bunch of Goofballs!:)

The whole fam after fishing
Our Neice as a bat girl!

This is the little watermelon I have been waking up to this last week (LOVE her!!!!)

Lexi as my Zombie Dog

The Dogs at the Trunk or Treat

(This is the family we are staying with the next week-Jonny's sister Ali and their fam!)

Halloween is really my favorite time of year. For whatever reason (maybe it's because of my birthday) but I really love all the scary I love the candy corn, black nail polish we get to wear and not look goth, and the little children all dressed up! Although I must say I saw some skanky costumes for teven the 9 and 10 year olds out there! Friday night we went to our ward trunk or treat with Jonny's Family-I couldn't convince Jonny to dress up so last minuite so I had him spray pain Lexi instead top be my little zombie dog! Then Saturday the whole fam went fishing and had a yummy pancake breakfast together! We handed out candy for a bit and joined the neighbors for some more's by the fire. Because I couldn't get enough of all the scary action we watched The Crazies- a really fun freaky movie!!! Nothing too too eventful, but it was fun!:) Hope all of you had a fun and spooky halloween!!:)

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